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Recent Roles

ROPE THE MUSICAL at San Diego's Tenth Avenue Theatre March 2016

So grateful for the chance to create the leading role of William Maledon for this piece, which debuted at last year's VENUS/ADONIS festival in NYC last year and for which i was voted Best Actor in a Musical...To see an interview with my talented leading lady Natalie Nucci about the show,


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'NEANDERTHAL MAN' joins AUDIBLE'S 'BEST SELLER" list for April 2016
So pleased that this wonderful audiobook, which i had the privilege of recording for Audible recently,  has found a wide audience. It's a fascinating story by Swedish biologist  Svante Paabo of one man's attempt to prove that modern humans share DNA with our Neanderthal can hear samples from this and all 175 of my audiobooks at by clicking HERE 

Dennis Holland


I'm thrilled to announce that "CONCURRENCE", a film by Tom Cassesse which won 2015's Best Drama Award at the International film festival Campus Moviefest (and for which I was nominated for Best Actor), will be screening at this year's Cannes Film Festival during May. Best of luck to Tom and the rest of the talented artists who brought this film to life! you can view "CONCURRENCE" on the RESUME/REELS section of this site.

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